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Feel confident
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Break old patterns with subtle body work!

You can feel something fighting you. 
You know you want to feel better, more grounded and aligned with your purpose, but it feels impossible to make a change.

Subtle body work may be the answer!


You work hard, doing your best to provide for your kids and family, but now you feel over extended.  


You instinctively go to “people pleaser” mode, agreeing to things that you don’t even want to do.


You finally think “It’s time that I work on myself!” Maybe you sign up for a workout class, or commit to eating healthier, or promise you’re going to pencil in “me time”.


Then life gets in the way and you realize you have emails to answer, or you have to help the kids with homework… ugh and now it’s time to start dinner and you didn’t even spend any time on yourself that day.


Now you’re frustrated thinking, “I want to improve my life, why can’t I just commit to that?!”


Every time you go to make a change, you’re met with huge resistance.  It can feel like something always gets in the way, or maybe you sit down and are struck with an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread and it’s just too much to handle…so you stop, you’ll come back to it “later”.

The "something stopping you" is REAL and it's your trapped trauma controlling the wiring of your subtle body!


It’s not you...'s your “trapped trauma”

What is the "subtle body"?

In short, the subtle body is the part of ourselves that involves the non-tangible. Our emotions and psyche all contribute to our subtle body.

The body is smart. It remembers traumatic events and stores that information in the nervous system to try and “protect us”. 


The problem is that we feel the threat of an impending deadline and the threat of a lion in the same way.  This puts us in a state of reaction, where the body’s only goal is survival.  


Working through the past trauma in your body is the answer to loosening these blocks and making real change in your life.


When we work with trauma we are retraining the nervous system to respond differently to what was once perceived as a threat. 

Do you want to feel grounded and know your purpose?

You know there has to be more to life and you feel a yearning inside to make a change, do something bigger. You know that you were meant to do so much more than the day-in and day-out of this life. You want purpose and passion.


Hi! I’m Marisol - I am a mind-body trauma coach, birth doula, and certified yoga instructor and Certified Child Life Specialist who helps busy families find more calm, grounding, and purpose in their lives.  


We do this through working with “trapped trauma” on a mind-body or "subtle body" level to help you create better boundaries and tap into what you truly desire. 

Is this process for me?

If you're tired of therapy not giving you results, trauma coaching may be the next step!

Do you feel like you’re running on the hamster wheel with no end to the demands of life?

You’re ready to know what it feels like to live a life aligned with what you truly want

You’ve tried doing things differently over and over again, but can't make anything stick.

You want to develop deeper connection to yourself and find your direction!

What people are saying...

"Working with Marisol has been a deeply affecting and useful journey of self-discovery.  The subtle body techniques she shared helped me delve into my subconscious workings in a way that was non-stressful and quite surprisingly effective.  I will take with me several of the techniques she teaches and continue to apply them in my life.  She has an easy friendly manner and a large toolbox to pull from.  I would most certainly consider working with Marisol again in the future."

Alexa Young, CA

Image by Sean Oulashin

If you feel the inner call to make a change that will stick...

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